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The Hail Storm

What you need to know...

To many, hearing or seeing these words brings thoughts of a lot of money coming in or going out, not to mention the major headaches hail creates for everyone involved. Many so called roofers and Roofing Contractors swarm to hail damaged roof areas like bees to honey right after a hailstorm occurs. A few are okay, but many are not so good and some are really bad.

Many Roofing Contractors have only one thought;  get as many customers as possible. Many are referred to as Storm Chasers. They drive in, with their lettered trucks, and play a cruel game on an unsuspecting homeowner, take people's money and are gone. The last thing on their mind is what is best for the Property Owner.

By the time anyone, including City/County Building Departments and District Attorneys realize what has happened, the damage is done. Many Property Owners are left with the problems from scams, stolen down payments,  to poorly installed roofs.

There is no way of really knowing if your roof is in fact installed properly with the appropriate materials and accessories without having it thoroughly and competently inspected. Problems with roofing materials, accessories, and installations range from minor to major defects, errors, and/or omissions that may not show up right away, but will, maybe months or years later.

Don't be a victim.  Use a Roofing Contractor with reliable references, or one recommended by your insurance company.


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